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The 100% Free Online Bible Seminary

Quarrysite International Seminary (QIS) is a division of Quarrysite International Ministry (QIM) aimed to give you a world class Theological and Seminary knowledge free of charge. The courses offered here can stand with any known seminary courses, our teachers are all professionals in their fields. ===>Student can study with us using a Computer, Smartphone, Tablet or any Internet accessible Device. We offer courses like, Divinity, Theology, Ministry, Discipleship and Evangelism, all at Certificate levels. Diploma and Associate Degree in Discipleship and Theology. And Master's Degree level in Theology. ===> After a Successful completion of your studies, a free world-class decorated Certificate will be sent to you. ===>QIS is Accredited by American Accrediting Association of Theological Institution (AAATI), Association of Accredited Bible Schools (AABS), and by the Council of Online Higher Educations (COHE).

  • Our courses can stand at shoulder level with any known seminary. We offer the very best courses, well siplified and easier to comprehend

  • QIS is proudly blessed with good number of Professors and Doctors who have been in the Ministry and Academic settings for years, some of our lecturers served in world known Seminaries, others had been in the field for years and we also have freshly decorated Professors and Doctors who are all willing to train you.

  • Unlike other online studies, QIS Materials can be downloaded from the academic area. Once a student register, a teacher will be assigned to facilitate and help the student. Student can access everything using any internet accessible device, from Computer, Tablet, Phone and their likes.

  • QIS is 100% free. You don't have to pay a penny to study with us. Although QIS is operating because of the generous donation of donors and students, donation is not mandatory. From certificate to Masters Degree level, the teaching, the materials, the examination, the transcrip, and the certificates will be received free of charge.


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