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Diploma in Discipleship

In this lesson, you will learn what a true disciple is, how you can become one and learn to be a discipler.
Our purpose in life is to be like Christ, how? By becoming His disciples.

This lesson can be accessed after completion of the course “Certificate in Discipleship”

Certificate in Discipleship

During your studies, you will be introduced to various themes and topics to prepare you for your Diploma studies.
In this Course, you will study lessons that will transform and change your life for good.

Diploma in Theology

Whether systematic, Historical or Biblical Theology, the knowledge of God and His relationship with mankind can never be over emphasized.

This course can be accessed only after the completion of the course “Certificate in Theology”

Certificate in Theology

Theology is the study of God and His relationship with Mankind.
This course is not just for Pastors, or a specific category of people, it is for you. Delve into the course and take your lessons to know who God is really and what are His plans for your life.

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