June 14, 2018

Notice Board

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  • All Students are urged to invite others to study withe QIS, thereby inviting them visit this site or tell them about us.


  • All students are required to go to the page Registration form and update their information on our database.


  • The QIS Library is now open for all student’s to access some of the E-books. Although the books are posted, changes will soon be made o the Library, where books will be arranged according to department.


  • After submitting an assignment, it will be important you notify your teacher, so that he/she can mark or comment on it, in other for you to continue with your studies. We are working on notifying each teacher of their student`s document  submissions directly from the site. But pending that, you notify them.


  • All students are advice to join the newly created QIS Students whatsapp group for prompt updates.



  • You shall like the Quarrysite International Seminary`s newly created facebook page, so as to promote the seminary on facebook.  by clicking on this https://web.facebook.com/pg/Quarrysite-International-Seminary link
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